Your arrival at our office in the post-Covid period. Thank you for your collaboration.
1-Arrive ALONE, unaccompanied, wearing a MASK. Anyone who accompanies the patient should wait outside the office. Exception will be made for patients under 18 years of age or any patient with language difficulties. 
2-Remove your shoes
3-Put on disposable slippers
4-Place all your personal items in a plastic box , including your cell phone.
5-Place your payment method on the surface of the box so that you can easily access it at the end of your appointment
6-Disinfect your hands with alcoholic solution
7-Take a seat in the waiting room
8-Once in the operating room, place your plastic box on the floor
9-Remove mask and Wash your hands with soap
10-Rinse your mouth for a minute with a mouth rinse before sitting down to start the session
1-Put your mask back on
2-Wash your hands before leaving the operating room
3-Please take your box go to the secretary desk
4-Make the payment
5-Return to the entrance where you will pick up your personal items from the box
6-Put your shoes back and dispose of the dirty slippers in the trash
You can now leave the office ..... thank you